Thursday, 1 June 2017

Ripe by Roz Coffee Bean Scrub

I bought this coffee bean scrub about six weeks ago and have been using it about twice a week since then. Im a massive coffee addict so I was drawn to it straight away in hopes It would smell like coffee (it does!)

The packaging is gorgeous to look at , kind of looks like a bag of coffee beans. It has a resealable top and a foil inside. This scrub is dry inside so I found the packaging slightly difficult to use when my hands were wet as I didnt want to put wet hands into the pack but when i tried to pour some out It got a bit messy falling on floor etc. saying that Im not sure I could offer any suggestion as to alternative packaging.  It says on the directions to use this in the shower and you really should. The first attempt I made was in the bath I figured it would be easier as I was doing the whole tan prep thing. It was an absolute disaster. The bath looked like a coffee machine had exploded on it and It took a good bit of scrubbing to get rid of it all.It does still get slightly messy in the shower but nowhere near the bath and its very easy to wash away.

The directions tell you to rub the product between your hands to release the oils, I found after this the product was still a little dry so its worked better for me to have my hands damp or to add a little water to the scrub before using.
It looks and smells like really good quality coffee but you can definitely smell the sweetness of the almond oil coming through.
This scrub is hands down the best I have ever used for making my skin soft and smooth. The first time I used it I genuinely couldnt believe the difference in my legs It really looked like I had a professional treatment on them.

As I said I have been using this about twice a week and I really wish I had taken a before pic (even though Im not sure Id be brave enough to post) of Cellulite and how it is now. Its not gone that would be a miracle but It is so much improved my legs look more toned and the skin is so soft and summer ready. This retails for 14.95. by how I am using It I would imagine It would last just shy of 3 months.

Even though It is a little messy I totally disregard that because the product is fantastic. You can use It all over the body including face. I have only used it as a body scrub so cant comment on facial use.
It's a massive thumbs up fr

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Beauty Belle Tissue Masks

A few weeks ago Michael from Beauty Belle contacted me and asked if I would like to try some of their tissue masks, thanks Michael! He sent me some Korean sheet masks from BeautyPro which I have mostly tried out and here's my thoughts. First off I want to apologise for my photos they're a bit all over the place , when you get further down you will see a toddler and a train that caused all the mayhem with the pictures, but sometimes imperfection is just perfect πŸ’™

I have tried the nourishing collagen mask with olive extract and the eye therapy under eye mask with collagen and green tea.
You will see a brightening mask in the photo too but I'm a mama to a small boy so time to relax with masks doesn't come around very often.
The only tissue masks I had used before were the garnier moisture bomb so I will compare slightly to those.
Collagen Mask with olive extract

The masks are packaged in a really slim , tidy foil packet that rips open easily across the top. The smell is divine it just smells like a salon (you know that smell!) sweet but not overpowering and a hint of excitement that your about to get pampered mixed in.
The mask is very easy to apply and much less wet than the garnier masks. This actually made it feel way more comfortable to wear and you don't get the shock of cold when you first put it on which makes it a way more pleasant experience. The mask stays on for 20 minutes ( if you can get that long to yourself!) and you should massage in any extra product when it's off. I didn't really have any extra product after my skin up drank everything on the mask! The science behind this  mask is the use of marine collagen combined with vitamins minerals & botanics to improve skin tone and complexion, the olive in this particular mask is great for dehydrated and thirsty skin , which judging by my results perfectly describes my skin.
I really liked this mask it was easy to use and my real judge of a good mask my make up went on easier and looked better  after using ! This mask retails for just under €6 you get a great  mask at a budget price one that could easily be part of a weekly skin care routine.

I also used the eye mask from BeautyPro I absolutely loved these they were so cool really easy to put on kind of like a gel plaster, (hydropatch is the correct word) stick them on under your eyes and you can relax or do housework or whatever they don't come off. What I mean is these are really busy person friendly you don't need to sit still to have these on. They are meant to target puffiness and fine lines and they absolutely do. I'm very lucky with my eyes that I'm not having major ageing signs there yet it has all been left to my forehead, so I rarely see any difference with eye product but I saw and felt the difference with these my eyes looked and felt so much smoother and tighter and I'm hoping that adding these to my weekly routine will keep my eyes looking young(ish) for a bit longer!
This also retails at just under €6 but for this you get 3 sets of the under eye masks so it's very good value.

All of these masks are available to buy from BeautyBelle

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Monday, 15 May 2017

La roche posay anthelios paediatric

Having a baby or child with eczema is hard work made even tougher in the summer months by the arrival of sunny days and suncream!
It's very tough to find a suncream that won't cause a flair up so you inevitably spend all summer buying different ones trying to get it right and before you have found it there is no more sun and your broke 😒.
The new La Roche Posay Anthelios Paediatric gel lotion has been working hard in our house over the last few sunny weeks. It's got wet skin technology so it goes on easier onto wet skin. We tried both ways and I found wet vs dry skin equally easy for application. Its very fluid and spreads easy without looking like he's plastered in cream. It's one of the only children's suncream ive ever used that hasn't stained his clothes which is a massive plus because it's so hard to get suncream stains out.

The lotion is SPF 50+ with UVA and UVB protection. It also forms a hydrophobic film that repels water. I had also read that it repels sand , we were nowhere near a beach so we headed to a sandpit to test this part and can confirm that while his clothes came home with most of the sandpit attached his skin did repel the sand πŸ‘

So what you really want to know how did it react with the eczema, well it didn't! John has eczema
that can flare badly with different products, it's a constant worry as we have already spent time in hospital with a blood infection directly caused by bacteria entering his bloodstream through his eczema so protecting his skin right is protecting his whole body and it's very important to me. We have had zero flare ups from using the anthelios lotion and it's actually quite moisturising on the dry areas. I am so so happy with how this sun lotion has worked on John's skin I'm hoping for lots more sunny summer days with this.
The RRP is €19:95 for 250ml
You can find more information on
This post features a PR sample.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

All about Base : Catrice HD Foundation

This weeks All about Base I'm talking about Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation €7.95
This foundation gets really good reviews so I definitely had to give it a try. I bought this from Inish pharmacy and have been using this foundation for a couple of weeks now and I won't beat around the bush it was love at first sight for me. I ordered it from Inish Pharmacy and got a Blank Canvas F20 brush along with it.
This is the perfect brush to apply this foundation it spreads and buffs it in perfectly, the Real Techniques buffing brush is a good second option.
My first impressions of the foundation was the really expensive high end feel of the packaging.
It comes in a really heavy glass bottle and has a dropper to dispense product. For me this makes it really clean so it's a big thumbs up.

It's a full coverage foundation easily comparable to the coverage you get with EstΓ©e Lauder Double Wear. (I measure most foundations against this one !) It has a beautiful finish totally flawless and in between matt and glowy but never flat. It's easy to apply very fluid ,  You only need a small amount of product as it buffs out really well. This surprised me because with cheaper foundations you normally need to use a lot more product. It lasts a full working day about 10/11 hours without reapplying and without primer.  I have shade 020 rose beige and it's the perfect match for me, I'm a Mac nc20 or double wear "tawny" . I genuinely can't fault this foundation I've been wearing it almost every day and have even chosen it over some of my high end foundations for nights out. It also photographs beautifully if you were looking for something for such an occasion.

I have been using the liquid camouflage concealer under the foundation , this is really really amazing concealer that I highly recommend and at only €3.95 it's practically free πŸ˜‰

I also use the Catrice Prime and Fine mattifying powder on my Tzone to finish € 5.49 it's a nice powder that does it's job but dosnt leave a powdery cakey surface behind.

Have you tried any of these Catrice products?

Friday, 7 April 2017

Wet n Wild 1 step wonder gel polish.

Spring is in full swing now  and it makes me want to paint my nails lovely bright colours. I got these polishes as a sample a few months ago but never got around to using them until now. They are a gel polish that only needs 1 step no lamp or no top coat. The blue "periwinkle of an eye" is a similar colour to Essie bikini so teeny and Sally Hansen sugar fix which I had just taken off my nails so I went for the pink shade "Missy in Pink ". 

I built up the polish to 3 layers but I'd say I would have gotten away with 2. 
First impressions were the colour was vibrant with the gel like shine, it's a complete  barbie doll shade of pink so so girly! 
I also thought it's the closest I've ever gotten to salon shellac or gel polish at home. You know when you get shellac it feels like part of your nail rather than a layer of polish on top like when you normally paint your nails , well this polish feels like that like it's just your nail it's so thin on my nail that I can scrape my other nails on one and it dosnt even chip a little bit. 
To be honest I was expecting it to be good because I've seen some good reviews about it in the past but I really wasn't expecting it to be that good. I've had my pink on for a week now with plenty of washing hands, nappy changes, etc in other words not being very easy on them. It's got no chips at all and the colour is still really vibrant! I've read that it can last up to two weeks and the way mine is going I'll definitely get that it seems like a polish that if left to its devices would Wear away rather than chip.
The polishes are also only €2.95 each that's a massive budget bargain and means you can get all of them ( like I already did with the wet n wild megalast lipsticks) ⬅️Which are also amazing btw! 
I usually buy Wet n Wild from Dunne's Stores but if anyone wants to know any other stockists I can find out. 

I kind of can't believe these were sitting here all along unused it's like a sin, I'm excited to try periwinkle of an eye next I have a huge soft spot for those shades of blue as I wore Essie bikini so teeny as my something blue for my wedding πŸ’™ 

In conclusion the polish wears like a salon gel nail, lasts at least a week and is a total bargain! 

This post contains PR samples. 

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